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At Terranauta, we are pioneering the way to transform agricultural dreams into reality. Our mission is to navigate uncharted territories alongside our clients, propelling them towards unparalleled success. Whether you're an ambitious investor, a forward-thinking farmer, or a visionary government official, Terranauta is your trusted partner for agricultural excellence.

Our Journey & Vision

Terranauta's roots lie in the spirit of exploration and a desire to break agricultural boundaries. Our journey began with a mission to facilitate the success of other companies in the Chinese market, opening doors for numerous projects in China. As agricultural input companies sought help in navigating complex communications with Chinese counterparts, Terranauta emerged as the bridge connecting businesses across continents.

From these successful ventures, Terranauta evolved into a global agricultural consultancy, defying borders and embracing international collaborations. Our logo, a planet and a floating Chinese junk, embodies our global vision of agricultural mobility. We are pioneers of agricultural technologies, making them flow across continents without constraint. Our passion for soil regeneration and revival led us to the name Terranauta, the rover of soils, symbolizing our commitment to sustainable and regenerative practices.

Moving forward, our vision remains steadfast in providing innovative and holistic solutions to nurture agricultural growth and address global challenges. We envision a world where agriculture thrives in harmony with the environment, creating a sustainable and prosperous future for all.

Why Choose Terranauta?

We transcend borders, offering our expertise worldwide. From Europe to Asia, Africa to the Americas, our team has the cultural fluency to navigate diverse landscapes and foster successful projects that make a lasting impact.
Among our team, we speak Dutch, English, French, Spanish, Catalan, Chinese, Greek, and Arabic. This linguistic prowess enables us to bridge communication gaps, facilitating seamless collaboration with international clients and stakeholders.
From concept to implementation, we accompany you throughout every phase of your project. Our comprehensive approach ensures a smooth and efficient journey towards your agricultural goals, providing you with unwavering support at every step.
As agricultural engineers, we excel in finding the optimal path amid a myriad of possibilities. Unlike companies offering standardized packages, we carefully tailor solutions to suit your unique needs and aspirations, ensuring maximum efficiency and success.
Our team of agricultural engineer generalists possesses a deep understanding of the entire agricultural chain. With specialized knowledge in plant science, agricultural economics, rural engineering, and forestry, we delve deep into each project's intricacies, guaranteeing comprehensive and informed solutions.
We offer a comprehensive approach, addressing the entire project's lifecycle and investment plan. With Terranauta BV, you gain a trusted partner, steering you towards prosperous outcomes, with meticulous planning and meticulous execution.
Our expertise shines brightest in complex regulatory environments. We tackle challenges head-on, providing you with solutions that surpass even the most intricate legal hurdles, allowing you to navigate regulatory complexities with confidence.
Our expertise shines brightest in complex regulatory environments. We tackle challenges head-on, providing you with solutions that surpass even the most intricate legal hurdles.

Customer-Centric Impact

For Farmers
Our farm designs empower farmers to operate efficiently by reducing input costs. We reinforce water catchment and share knowledge on managing soil fertility independently.
For Investors
We provide seamless installation processes and obtain licenses for farm infrastructure. Our projects add approximately 30% extra value to assets in the market.
For Our Network
We foster connections among clients, cultivating a global community of agricultural enthusiasts. From Africa to Asia and Europe, we bring people together to share expertise and experiences.

Meet Our Team of Experts

The board

Maurice Blank
Director of Terranauta with extensive experience in Finance, Tax, Law, and agricultural entrepreneurship. Maurice's diverse background ensures comprehensive support and strategic guidance for your agricultural endeavors.
Salvador Roig
Founder and agricultural engineer with a passion for soil regeneration and international agricultural development. Salvador's vision drives Terranauta's mission, empowering clients to thrive sustainably.

Andriana Kechagia
Plant science specialist with expertise in greenhouse horticulture, bridging research and farmer practices. Andriana's knowledge enables us to implement innovative and sustainable solutions for optimal plant nutrition and health.
Vicent Ribas
Remote sensing specialist and forest engineer, shaping today's landscape with a focus on people-land relationships. Vicent's expertise enriches our projects, ensuring a holistic and sustainable approach to forestry and land management.
Marc Marí
Industrial engineer spearheading innovative and efficient projects with renewable energy integration. Marc's dedication to a cleaner and more efficient world enhances our commitment to sustainability and regenerative practices.

Success Stories

We facilitated the creation of a thriving macadamia plantation in Uganda, enabling self-sufficiency and clean finances.

Our contribution to the Saudi Green Initiative includes grafting resilient trees with indigenous microorganisms, saving water infrastructure costs.

In Benin, we are developing a soil regeneration program using biochar from cashew shells, promoting carbon sequestration.

With our farm designs in Ibiza, we revived over 500 hectares of land, reinforcing natural attributes and adding value to assets.

Get Started on Your Journey

Explore the possibilities with Terranauta today! We are more than just a consulting firm; we are your partners in creating a brighter future for agriculture. Contact us for a consultation and unlock your agricultural potential.

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